Trading With Us (Introducing Broker & Rebates). is founded in 2019 by us to create something really useful for the trader, limiting the risks and the general commitment.

We are an Introducing Broker for the Financial Conduct Authority regulated by different brokers,
 ECN brokers, which means that our clients can trade Forex and CFD’s. We are a global company that can help both institutional and retail clients, but in limited number.
Your account will be with the ECN broker Dukascopy Europe, one of the best and most reliable brokers on the market, and you will have the same level of service and support. The main advantage is that if you are introduced by us, you will have access to a our special rebates commissions. 
Our rebates  are not a product of Dukascopy Europe. Is a exclusive feature of

How it works:


Our Strategies can generate low profits (and low risks) year per year. Our goal is not to generate large percentages of gain (which correspond to a big risk), but moderate gains, with few risk. With our automatic strategies, yours earnings will depends on our rebates of trading commissions, without having to worry about the online trading..
More trading commissions generated = more money for you.

Our profit depends solely on your success. Therefore, we care that you use a conscious and low-risk trading, using our tutorials&instructions that you will receive once you open the trading account.

The first step and only way to use this service is to open a trading account, using the banner below:

After the free registration, contact us. A video will explain the strategies to you, and you can choose the one that best suits your style.. For any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us, we provide a personal support email service.

What you will earn:
Guaranteed rewards: 20% of commissions. 
Example. If you generate 100 Usd gross trading commissions, we will refund 20% = 20 Usd. So by using a strategy with no gains and no losses (excluding the commissions), you will have an economic return just from this. 


Q: Who can participate?

A: Anyone opening an account with the broker through us.

Q: Can I open the account in other currencies?

A: Absolutely. The whole registration procedure is 100% through by the broker.

Q: How i can do?
A: Use our banner to open a trading account with the ECN broker. When the registration is successful and your trading account has been opened, contact us. We will verify the introduction broker and send you the necessary to start to work. You can make money "alone", but it's a good idea to see some free video tutorials about money management. Burning an account is a failure for us and you.

Q: How many strategies can we use?

A: We have different hedging strategies, for different traders. We recomend our strategies in Java (robot), because are semi-automatic.
Others strategies in our tutorials are manuals and totally free.

Q: Are your robots (EA) free?

A: Strategies Java with robot (Expert Advisor) costs around 50 USD. Look this page products. For to have robot totally free, you have to generate 500 usd or equivalent of gross trading commissions (gross, is not too much..) just the first time. We will refund 100% of the strategy cost. This bonus never expires. You can generate this 500$ whenever you want.

Q: I have used your link for the registration with the broker, sent the documents and entered funds to my trading account. And now?

A: We will check that you actually used our link from introducing broker. If everything is successful, we will send you different strategies to be used on this broker. You can choose the strategy based on your trading style.

Q: Are your strategies complicated or risky?

A: Our strategies are very simple, and are set up to have the lowest possible risk.
Our profit depends solely on your success. Therefore, we care that you use a conscious and low-risk trading, using our tutorials that you will receive once you open the trading account. If you use a regulated-trading following our instructions and strategies, you will get a steady economic return just from the trading commissions generated.

Q: How i can withdraw the earnings generated from trading commissions?

A: Find all informations on this page.

Q: The broker will provide me assistance?

A: The broker will provide you assistance like any other client. 
For any question about our strategies and rebates instead, contact us.

Q: Does yours rebates expires?

A: Our rebates never expires. And they can be used as a true source of income.

Q: What is the minimum deposit?

A: With this broker you can start with just 100$. However, we advise expert traders to start with at least 1-5000$.
High deposit = less risk to exposure = higher returns from commissions.