Strategies are free after generated 500$ of gross trading commissions. More Info here

HEDGE TRADING SYSTEM pack (video tutorial)

1. Videos of general explanation of hedging trading by mathematical method. 

2. Videos of the strategy "Hedgestrategy1".
3. Additional Video: "Strategy with EMA indicator"
4. Complete access for future updates and new videos.

With this package, you will learn to use mathematical hedging on Forex and metal markets. These videos are suitable for beginners also, provided they have already used a Forex platform. The pack does not release expert advisor (robots) but only practical notions. We will give you a password for to access at all strategies and setups.

Course Compatibility: All forex brokers, mt4, and other platforms.
Avaiable for: all traders (beginners or expert).
Strategy version: manual.
Support via email.
Sent by: email.
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Strategies are free after generated 500$ of gross trading commissions. More Info here

THE IDEAL PRODUCT FOR OUR REBATE. This is the robot, the auto-strategy. This Expert Advisor is avaiable only in Java. Can works 24/h per day. Fully customizable.
Note: it is strictly forbidden to modify and resell the strategy code!
This strategy is not a product of Dukascopy Europe.





Q: How much do I need to trade for living?
 A: If you go with Forex Brokers, 1 contract (called lot) requires $100,000, and each "tick" up or down you make or lose $10. Leverage, is ideally 1:5 or 1:20 max. For example, with 10,000 usd account, you can open 1 minilot contract (10.000 usd) and his leverage is 1:1. You can trade from 1 to 7 charts at the same time.
A $3,000-5.000 buffer should be enough so starting, and as you build up your account you simply use more contracts per trade. However, $3,000 is not an ideal amount to start trading for living, it would be better if you had $10,000 to start with using 1 minilot (or less) per chart. 1,000 usd is ideally good for aggressive compouding test with this strategy. Is not hard to make 50-80% roi per month, but the risk to lose all money is high: this method is recomended only when the trader is expert, with our strategies.

 Q: What are the fees involved for trading Fx or index?

 A: It depends on which broker you go through, ECN brokers, for example, charges roughly 2-3$ per trade, some brokers market maker have just a spread to the fees.
 Don't forget the overnight policies.

 Q: How often will I be able to get a trade with your system?
 A: You'll be able to get a lot of trades on a regular basis 24 hours per day. During a 24 hour period you could get many more than that, all with a very high degree of accuracy.

 Q: Are your systems completely manuals?
 A: Yes, but i recomend the robot. These ea are totally customizable. EA are not essential but very confortable..

 Q: I work a 9-5 job, can I still have time to trade using your system?
 A: Yes! You can trade before you go to work and after you get home, you have just to open the chart and to set the pending orders.

 Q: Do I have to buy any charts, graphs, software etc?
 A: Your broker will provide you with your software that you'll need, many times this software will be free to use, check with your broker what their software costs. I can advise you if you have any question.