Rebates Commissions

Rebates Commissions Policy

Fee schedule Commissions

Fees&Commissions depends from the broker. Click here. Generally, 1 lot "round turn" generates around 6$ of gross trading commissions.

Guaranteed rewards: 20% of gross commissions.

Example. If you generate 100 Usd or Eur of gross trading commissions, we will refund 20% = 20 Usd or Eur. So by using a strategy with just recover your cost commissions, you will have a big economic return, just from this. 

When it is possible to withdraw and how.

You can withdraw when your gross commissions are up to 100 USD or equivalent.
Max 1  withdrawal per month. Send email at the support. 

Rebates withdrawal methods.

We use the following methods:

Paypal,  Fee:  0 $.   1 day.
Bank transfert, Fee: 15 $. 1-3 days.

End of Rebates

Our rebates never expires. You can work when you want.

We inform you that this earnings rebate method belongs exclusively to 
No brokers is part of it, or responsible for this.
For clarification on rebates, the only way is, contact Us through the support. We will answer any your question.