Trading Signals

Trading Signals with top performances!

Trading signals are a service with the MultiHedging strategy. The service shows our operations in a group via notification, with entry price, size, stoploss and profit.

Our trading is variable, it depends on market opportunities. In any case, there are stoplosses and profitprofits. Usually we only work on intraday or multiday charts.

How the strategy works.

Through the intrinsic property of couple coverage, we can use them as indicators. Profitability is around 80%, therefore very attractive. Not all couples are suitable and those who are, not always.

We recommend that you use 1:1 leverage with accounts with at least $ 5-10k.

You can replicate this statment with 0 stress, with only 3-8 weekly trades.

Below you can see the balance sheets of the strategy in live (equity, that is with all the open positions). Beware of those who don't show equity but only profits, because the two can vary a lot! In fact, with equity we have the balance net of profits and losses, while showing only the closed trades, we exclude the loss positions still open, which could be much larger than the profits.

The service costs 50 usd per month, and you can stop when you want.

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