Welcome to the exciting world of day trading the Forex markets. The trading system that we have developed is one of the the most simple and accurate trading system in the world and the videos you'll find links to below are proof of this. Notice how I cut losses short and always try to hit the full winner and notice how well this works. Notice how when I take an entry it goes in the right direction right away much of the time.

How much money can you make? Well that depends on many factors: market, broker, equity, and more. Trading does take work, and practice, and mostly it takes the ability to handle it with respect to your emotions. You'll see that there are beginner videos for the beginner trader to get started with, helping the beginner trader to setup the strategy and learn the basics of hedging and reading charts. Get ready for precision level entries, and when wrong, transform losses short very quickly, becoming a professional at this. Then as you become better at using the hedging everyday, your mathematical success rate of your trades will increase.

Then using our hedging, you can get yourself to a long term 70% success rate being fairly liberal in your trades. If done properly you can use this one technique alone to become rich. Of course it's never as easy as it sounds, you must learn patience, and discipline, and you must learn how to enter a trade and then every single time without exception you must learn how to exit a losing trade quickly, without reservation, taking the small loss and becoming a master at doing this. This is where most all traders fail, because the emotion takes over and you don't want to lose and then you make mistakes, not just in the entry but also in the exits, both at the losing side and even the profit side.

This will mathematically make a huge difference in your profits in your account, and your own trading with respect to your emotion. So if you have a problem while learning the hedge you will have me personally here to help you.

1. HedgeTradingSystem (videocourse and robots).

The HedgeTradingSystem package includes 3 online video-courses, with 2 strategies:

1. The video-course that explains mathematical hedging in general.
2. Hedgestrategy1. Our most famous technique. Simple and effective.
3. Hedgestrategy EMA. The EMA indicator combined with the hedging.

At the end of watching the 3 videos, you will be able to use our mathematical hedging. Technical support will help you in case of specific questions or gaps. In addition to the videos with the explanation, you can also get the robots of these strategies, which work automatically 24 hours a day. So there are two options: only videos, or videos + robots.

2. YouTube Trading Channel.
Our Youtube channel with lots of explanations on strategies, trading world, and much more! The most "noble" strategies are also unveiled. For those who want and commitment, our strategies are "given" in the videos, for those who want to engage without spending money!
Here's the link.

Mr Morris Zucchi. I've been trading professionally since the year 2001. I first started my trading career with Stock Markets. The early years were withe constant losses.  Then, in the year 2008, i started to study the Forex trading. In 2012 i started to study the math applied at the trading online, and since 2013, the hedging strategies.
 The hedging is a very simple trading system, and it makes it possible for anybody and everybody willing to learn how this works to change their life financially through trading. Take a look at the following videos on my YouTube channel.