Faq Beginners

Q: How much do I need to trade for living?
 A: If you go with Forex Brokers, 1 contract (called lot) requires $100,000, and each "tick" up or down you make or lose $10. Leverage, is ideally 1:5 or 1:10 max. For example, with 10,000 usd account, you can open 1 minilot contract (10.000 usd) and his leverage is 1:1.
A $3,000-5.000 buffer should be enough so starting, and as you build up your account you simply use more contracts per trade. However, $3,000 is not an ideal amount to start trading for living, it would be better if you had $10,000 to start with using half lot (or less) per trade.

Q: Is your Course really worth $300?
 A: Yes my Course is worth $300 and even much more, just take a look at my video record on the main page of my site and you'll see that it's worth much more than just $300, you're going to learn a method to trade and make a living that's worth far more than just $300. This is an investment into your future as a trader.

 Q: What are the fees involved for trading Fx or index?
 A: It depends on which broker you go through, Dukascopy, for example, charges roughly $3.30 per trade, some brokers market maker have just a spread to the fees.

 Q: How often will I be able to get a trade with your system?
 A: You'll be able to get a lot of trades on a regular basis 24 hours per day. During the USA session you could easily get 2 to 5 trades. During a 24 hour period you could get many more than that, all with a very high degree of accuracy.

 Q: Are your systems a completely manuals?
 A: Yes, but not all.  If you use Dukascopy, i recomend some ea in java for the hedging trading multiday. These ea are totally customizable.

 Q: I work a 9-5 job, can I still have time to trade using your system?
 A: Yes! You can trade before you go to work and after you get home, you have just to open the chart.

 Q: Do I have to buy any charts, graphs, software etc?
 A: Your broker will provide you with your software that you'll need, many times this software will be free to use, check with your broker what their software costs. I can advise you if you have any question.